"This was the most amazing trip!" and "I am so happy right now" were probably the most used quotes during our trip. I am writing this one in English, so our travel group can also read it. We did not plan to go to Okinawa together, but somehow, we ended up to spending all week together and this was perfectly great. Maybe it was like that, just because we did not plan it. Moni and I were here with Li Lu from Mexico and Frank from the Netherlands.


If you want to go to Okinawa, you must take a 2-hour-flight from Fukuoka or 2,5 hours from Seoul. We wanted to go there, because it sounded just amazing and according to google pictures this seemed to be true. On our last minutes of flying we had the most amazing view over the deep blue see and the small reefs all around the island. Unfortunately, is the airport in Naha and this place does not quite meet the expectations you have, when you go to Okinawa. Naha hides the beauty of the Island pretty good. After leaving our luggage at the hostel, we walked to the ocean and were pretty much disappointed about what we saw: Industry, harbor, cars and streets. However, this was only our first - happily wrong - impression of Okinawa.


Later that day Li Lu and Frank arrived and we all met to get our schedule done for the next 5 days. We looked up some things and decided, that we would stay one more day in Naha, to explore the city and then leave to the north, which was supposed to be a lot more beautiful. On our way to Motobu (in the north) we stopped at Cape Maeda to go snorkeling. We had booked a tour to snorkel in the "Blue Cave", unfortunately it was too windy that day, taht we could not go into the caves. But our guide recommended the reef just next to the beach, so we snorkeled there, which was a great experience. To be honest, I did not expect much of the reef, but it was great, full of fishes and the corals were still alive and colorful. Even though we missed the cave, I did not have the feeling of missing anything...except for some more pictures (We had some struggles with the waves, what made taking pictures quite impossible).

After this stop, we got back on the bus to go to Motobu, where we arrived at 7pm. We did not do much more on that day, so that we woke up early on the next morning to walk to the "Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium". This was supposed to be only 3km from our hostel, so walking should not be too exhausting. But unfortunately, we did not calculate with 32°celcius at 10am. After a never-ending hike, we finally made it. The aquarium is the second largest in the world and inhabits any kind of sea life, including 2 whale sharks. At first, I was very excited to go to the aquarium, but now I think a little different about it. On the one hand it was amazing to see these giant animals just in front of you, but on the other hand it was one of the saddest things I have ever witnessed. The tank inhabited rays, the whales and some smaller fishes, but not a single plant or anything for the fishes to hide. I think I should not judge about it, because I also payed money to see it, but I would not do it again. If I ever want to see a whale shark again, I will go to his natural habitat.

We ended up spending all day in the aquarium and the park. For the evening we went to Emerald Beach, right next to the aquarium. The water and the beaches were not comparable to the beaches we have visited in Naha, because this were the kind of beaches we had expected in Okinawa...

On the next day we had to change hostels. We already thought our first place in Motobu was the best place ever, but our second place was just love! It was a family owned small hostel close to Emerald Beach. We arrived there at 10am, because we wanted to go to a smaller Island on the other side of Motobu, without having any clue how we could get there. We only made it, thanks to the owners (first picture). They helped us with everything, called the bus agency to make sure we would make it and drove us to the bus stop. From here we made it easily to the Island, thanks to our private bus driver, who was not private, but we were the only ones using the free bus, so... As he dropped us at Kouri Island he told us several times, when and where he would pick us up later that day, to take us back. Nothing could not have worked out better: "The universe wanted us to go to the Island" - Li Lu. That describes this morning pretty good. And it was still getting better. The Island was just amazing! I think we said this about 100000 times that day. We had perfect weather and a hidden beach just for ourselves. I think, this was my favorite day on this whole trip.

The day after Kouri Island happened to be our last day at Okinawa. We had to go back to Naha to fly from there to Fukuoka. But before we could leave this beautiful place we spent the few last ours at Emerald Beach, until it was time to say goodbye.


It was just great, thanks guys!

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